16 ways to manage your time effectively

Time management skills have never been more important. Life today is extremely busy for most of us. Our time has become very important to us.
With our improved time management skills, we can shift from reactive to proactive, set goals and have the time to work towards them. It is no secret that those of us who can manage our time better accomplish more.
When we have time to prioritize the urgent matters that need immediate attention in our daily work or personal lives, stress levels drop and we can manage our resources more effectively.

Here are 16 Ways to Manage Time Effectively

1. Be decisive.
2. Set clear goals.
3. Set a daily work plan the night before.
4. Separate the urgent from the important.
5. Build stamina and high energy through regular exercise and diet.
6. Concentrate on one task at a time.
7. Do the most difficult thing first.
8. Use free time to prepare schedules. For example, if you are taking the bus home, use this time.
9. Develop mastery of basic tasks through practice and repetition.
10. Work in real time, at a fast pace and develop a constant sense of urgency.
11. Time management skills often develop automatically when you learn to make decisions quickly, without ifs or buts.
12. Redesign work processes, map them and identify what needs to be done and work to reduce the number of steps by 30%.
13. Reinvent yourself once a year. Identify what you need to do to be more productive because the only constant in life is change.
14. Set priorities. Identify what you can put off, meaning lower priorities can wait.
15. Decide to work to live, not live to work. This means working for a balanced life. The goal is the quantity of time in downtime and the quality of time spent at work.
16. Be intensely action-oriented, produce results.
These are the 16 ways to manage your time effectively. When you become aware of them and make the effort, something will change.

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