4 steps to easy learning with the Feynman technique

The Feynman technique is a technique for easily learning a subject in a permanent way. Do you have difficulty in understanding a subject? Do you ever remember what you read after a while? If you have such problems, don’t worry, you are not alone. Learn easily in 4 steps with the Feynman technique.

If we want to understand something well, we need to be able to explain it in a simple way. By trying to explain your new knowledge in a simple way, you can ensure retention. You can also test yourself. If you get stuck where you are explaining, you have not understood it well. This is the main idea about the Feynman technique.

Richard Feynman is the physicist who came up with this idea. He became famous for his ability to convey complex ideas in a simple and intuitive way. Bill Gates: Feynman is the greatest teacher I never had and bought all the rights to his lectures.

4 Steps to the Feynman Technique

1- Write down the topic you want to learn.

By writing down the topic, you increase the likelihood of remembering it. Read it and write down what you remember on a blank sheet of paper.

2- Teach the subject.

Imagine you are explaining it to someone. Say it out loud as if there is someone in front of you. It will definitely be more permanent when you get used to teaching. This step is very important. If there is a place where you get stuck while teaching, you are incomplete here and you will complete yourself by opening and reading it.

3- Review what they don’t know.

Take note of the places you got stuck while explaining in the previous step. Go back to these places and read them again, write them down and press on them.

4- Explain the subject in the simplest way.

The subject that you can explain in its simplest form and that you never get stuck on is completely permanent. You will not easily forget this topic. You should be able to explain it one by one.

In short; if you can explain the subject in a simple and understandable way, you have understood it completely. Use the steps above to do this. You may be under the illusion that you understand while reading. The brain can easily deceive you. In fact, you may think you understand it very well, but after a while you don’t remember it at all. Or you remember some parts incompletely. To avoid this illusion, learn easily with the Feynman technique in 4 steps.

If you have a close friend, you can tell them. You can tell yourself in front of the mirror. Whatever happens, do not skip telling.

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