5 tips to increase productivity

Hard work can only lead to further success if you take the right steps. The first thing to do to be successful is to fall in love with what you do. You start to feel passionate and excited about what you do. So you start making effective plans for better results. Therefore, the ability to plan, organize and execute tasks wisely is a prerequisite for success. Here are 5 tips to increase productivity:

  1. Don’t Multitask

People often think that multitasking is a good thing, but in reality, it’s not. According to Devora Zack, multitasking is an illusion as the human brain cannot be in two different places at the same time. So, what people call “multitasking” is really just switching between tasks without completing any of them perfectly.

Sometimes our subconscious mind develops and allows us to do two tasks at the same time. For example, eating and watching TV. However, these are not really “multitasking” as we cannot divide our concentration equally between the two tasks. Either we have to focus on eating while almost forgetting what we’re watching, or we’re not sure what we’re eating and just throw everything on the plate into our mouths. This is why you need to focus on one task at a time and not switch to another until it’s done. Follow tip number 2 to get help with this.

  1. Let the Zeigarnik Effect Help You

The Zeigarnik effect refers to the theory that claims that people remember unfinished tasks rather than completed ones. Therefore, if you start a task, your mind will constantly remind you to complete it. Instead of sitting and planning for a long time, just start a task and make plans in between. Your brain will help you complete the task when you start it.

This tendency helps you overcome psychological states. When you cannot work, just start working and the brain will help you overcome the rest of the problems.

  1. Sleep in Cycles

Your mind needs to be rested during your work and it is impossible to do this without good sleep. Researchers claim that our bodies sleep in cycles of 90 minutes on average. Try to wake up after a full 90-minute cycle. This will ensure that your mind and body are in an invigorating state every morning. So instead of sleeping for 7 hours, sleep for 6 hours or 7 and a half, whichever works better for you. However, the cycle varies slightly from person to person. So find your sleep cycle and try not to wake up in the middle of a cycle.

  1. Make the Most Efficient Use of Every Morning

Research argues that the peak of the human body’s performance in general is the first few hours at work, because our bodies are most energized and enthusiastic in the morning. Therefore, try to complete the most important daily tasks in the first few hours of the day. If there are different types of tasks you need to do on a regular basis, schedule the most difficult or most critical tasks for the morning.

Morning is meant to be the most productive, not for long discussions. The early morning hours should never be spent checking emails (unless that is the most important task for your business), checking Instagram or Twitter pages.

  1. Never Miss Breakfast

Although we often skip breakfast and eat too much for lunch, according to experts, this is a very harmful practice. Never skip breakfast. Breakfasts allow you to work perfectly in the first few hours and get the most out of yourself for your most productive work.

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