Characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence is not about what you do more of, but what you do less of. People who do not have high emotional intelligence blame others for their situation. You must be around them and it has already come to your mind. If you are like this, it is time to start making efforts to fix it.

People who do not have high emotional intelligence harm themselves with stress and anxiety. They get into a cycle of stress from constant thinking. In fact, most people have the capacity for emotional intelligence. However, they have not developed it. These are the main symptoms of low emotional intelligence. Those with high emotional intelligence do not do these.

Start developing your emotional intelligence from today. The first step is awareness. If the phenomenon of awareness is now complete, it is time to identify the bad habits in your life and address them.

Characteristics of People with High Emotional Intelligence

1- He does not criticize others.

Of course, this does not mean that he never criticizes. If the direction has turned to you and you are trying to cover your insecurity by criticizing others to get rid of it, you are among those with low emotional intelligence. Of course, the main point here is to do this unconsciously, automatically.

People with low emotional intelligence have made it a habit. They constantly comment on others. Because he feels good for doing so. But over time he doesn’t realize that he is a narrow-minded person. Even if someone else does, they don’t accept it.

For example, when you point at someone and say how badly they are dressed, you feel good. Because in fact you are criticizing him/her and you are trying to point out that your own clothing is good. This is something people with low emotional intelligence will do.

2- Doesn’t Worry About the Future.

The nature of life is already about uncertainty. Therefore, people who move on with order and certainty instead of thinking about it have high emotional intelligence. Uncertainty is bound to happen. However, thinking about removing this uncertainty completely is a sign of low emotional intelligence. Pessimistic and pessimistic people do this.

Those who constantly pessimistically think about the future think that they will solve uncertainty even though they will never be able to solve it. People with high emotional intelligence accept that life is uncertain. Instead of denying it, they just look ahead. They are energized and enthusiastic about the moment. They are not pessimistic and know how to enjoy the moment.

3- Doesn’t Focus on the Past.

Constantly thinking about past mistakes, despite knowing that they cannot be changed, is low emotional intelligence. You always think that you made a mistake in the past. After all, you may have made a mistake and it may come to your mind. However, constantly thinking about it and turning it into a chronic obsession about why I did that is a situation that people with low emotional intelligence do.

People who constantly think and obsess about their past mistakes will make the same mistakes again. They become powerless from thinking. People with high emotional intelligence think, accept, gain experience and move on. We cannot change the past, so it is necessary to accept it even if it is difficult.

4- No Unrealistic Expectations.

People who do not have realistic thoughts are usually not aware of this. They see expectations as a good situation. This is true to a small extent. This is also provided that it is not exaggerated. If there are constantly unrealistic thoughts, emotional intelligence is low.

People in this state are seen as antipathic by their environment after a while. Your environment may not show this to you. However, you need to get rid of this situation urgently.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence?

  • If you have decided to improve your emotional intelligence, first of all address the 4 points above. Be realistic with yourself here. Whichever one you have, first try to eliminate that habit.
  • Do not criticize others.
  • Don’t worry too much about the future.
  • Forget about the past and look ahead.
  • Adjust your expectations and don’t have high expectations.

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