Concorde syndrome

What is concorde syndrome, also known as concorde delusion? It is the inability to give up just because the effort has been made, thinking that it will not be wasted. This can be any investment, a relationship. For example; even if you are at a small loss in a stock market investment, even if you know that it will fall further, it is not to get out by thinking about the time and loss. In a relationship, it is not being able to give up no matter how badly you are doing, looking at the effort and time spent.

After the 2nd World War, England and France decided to build very fast airplanes. Later, a plane named Concorde was built with a collective cooperation by including other countries. This airplane was less safe, less comfortable and burned more fuel than the airplanes of the time. Nevertheless, production continued in order not to be embarrassed by the efforts of so many countries and scientists.

Although there were much better airplanes on the market than this one, production continued for the money spent and the efforts made. Even among themselves, they did not give up on this mistake, even though they knew it was not what they wanted. This is where it gets its name, as psychologists studied it years later.

It is recorded as the syndrome of not being able to give up even if you know that it is unsuccessful or harmful just because of the effort, material or moral effort. This is the exact meaning of the Concorde fallacy. The reason for continuing with this fallacy is to keep thinking that it will get better. In fact, we deceive ourselves even if we know it won’t.

Dollars, gold, bitcoin, stock market, friendship, relationship, marriage, whatever comes to your mind, there may be situations that you cannot give up by seeing that it is going badly. It is very common, especially in relationships. But it’s like taking passengers on a ship that keeps taking on water. If it is a situation where you think there is no end, you need to disconnect. Because the further it goes, the longer the return will be.

Because you are mentally protecting the other person, you can’t break away from them. But you have to put that aside and be realistic. Where is it going? Is there any benefit in the end? Will it end positively? You have to ask yourself questions like that and answer them logically. I recommend you do this with everything you own. From lovers to friends to investments.

Concorde Fallacy Treatment

One of the most common situations is marriages with children. For example; It is a concorde fallacy to put up with each other by saying that we have 2 children and 10 years of labor. However, if it does not work out in any way, if there is no respect or love between you, if we think about the remaining years instead of adding the last 10 years or children and labor, we will apply the concorde fallacy treatment to ourselves.

If you are 40 years old and you think that you will live to be 70 years old on average, you should think about the remaining 30 years. If in 10 years you are in this situation and you don’t have the strength to endure it, how will the remaining 30 years pass. Also, the moment someone starts to look bad, even 1 year will be worth 10 years. So you have to think in terms of what is good for you.

If you don’t question, you start to create many reasons in your mind to justify it. As you continue to convince yourself, it becomes inextricable. The loss that you cannot afford at first can become a big loss later.

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