Effects of birth order on personality

The effect of birth order on personality has long been a topic of interest in psychological research. It is thought that there are differences in the personality characteristics of first-born, middle and last-born children. In this article, you can learn more about the effect of birth order on personality.


First-born children are generally considered to be more responsible, reliable and disciplined. This is because parents usually control their first-born children more strictly and have higher expectations. First-born children also tend to have more leadership qualities and show higher levels of achievement.

However, first-born children also have some disadvantages. For example, having to take on more responsibility can lead to a higher level of stress in their adult lives. Also, first-borns can often be criticised and scolded more, which can affect their self-esteem.

Middle Children

Middle children are often overshadowed by first-born and last-born children. For this reason, middle children often tend to be more independent, creative and outgoing. Middle children may also have more developed social skills because they have to interact with older siblings and younger siblings.

However, middle children also have some disadvantages. For example, they cannot have leadership qualities like their older siblings and they usually take less responsibility. Also, the fact that families often pay less attention to their second child can affect the self-confidence of middle children.

Last Born

Last-born children are usually more outgoing, playful and creative. They also have less responsibility and usually receive more care because they are the last children in their families. Last-born children usually have better social skills because they are less competitive with older siblings.

However, last-born children also have some disadvantages. For example, as the last child in the family, they take less responsibility and are less criticised. However, these disadvantages can also lead to problems that last-born children may face in their adult lives. For example, less responsibility for last-born children may result in lower job success and a higher unemployment rate in adult life.

Effects of birth order

The influence of birth order on personality is often not sufficient to generalise. People cannot be characterised by personality traits based on birth order alone. However, birth order is thought to have an effect on personality and there is a link between birth order and personality.

As a result, research on the effect of birth order on personality shows that many different factors combine to influence personality formation. Birth order, family environment, socioeconomic status, genetic factors and many other factors play an important role in personality formation. More research is needed to fully understand the influence of birth order on personality.

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