The Diderot Effect

You have probably heard the story of the Diderot effect somewhere. Even if you don’t know what it is, the name sounds familiar. Now it’s time to know what it is. In some places it’s called red dressing gown syndrome. You may know it by this name.

It is named after the famous French philosopher Denis Diderot. Denis Diderot lived in poverty for most of his life. But that all changed in 1765 when he was 52 years old. Although he lived in financial difficulties until that day, he was a well-known person. Because he was the author of “Encyclopedie”, one of the most comprehensive encyclopedias of that period.

One day the Empress of Russia wanted to buy Diderot’s library for 1000 pounds sterling. It was a very large sum for those years. He accepted this offer and first of all married off his daughter. She also bought a red dressing gown for herself as a reward. It was with the purchase of this red dressing gown that all the problems started.

Diderot’s red dressing gown was very beautiful. That’s why he started to grin because his other things were old. Everything started to bother him. He couldn’t wear his red dressing gown with the other things. When this state of unity caused intense discomfort, it aroused a desire to improve his other belongings.

Accordingly, she renewed all of her belongings; new carpet, new paintings, new wardrobe, new mirror, clock. But she was not as happy with her old dressing gown as before. She said that she was the master of her old dressing gown but now she was its slave.

Then she attracted the attention of psychologists and marketers. When it aroused so much interest, it became known as the “diderot effect”. The main point here is that when we start to acquire a new item, we feel the need to renew other items as well. In other words, after taking the first step, the rest will follow.

Sometimes you buy things you don’t even need just for the sake of renewal. Even if you don’t like it very much just to renew it, it results in a purchase. This is called the diderot effect. If you realize that you are in this situation, you are in the diderot effect.

the diderot effect

Who is Denis Diderot?

Born on October 5, 1713 in France, he is a famous philosopher and writer. He has many books. But he is best known for the diderot effect. Afterwards, he is known for his encyclopedia. He contributed a lot to the field of literature. He died in 1784 in France at the age of 70 and was buried in the cemetery of Saint roch church.

The Diderot effect, also known as the red dressing gown syndrome, as you have read, is today’s consumption frenzy. If you are an insatiable shopper, you may be caught up in this effect. It may be time to look in the mirror and be aware.

How to get out of the Diderot Effect?

  • First of all, realize what you have a diderot effect towards.
  • Question yourself and find out what you spend more on.
  • Write down the expenditures you find unnecessary.
  • Determine how you access unnecessary expenditures.
  • For example, if they reach you via e-mail, unsubscribe from e-mail.
  • If you are addicted to online shopping, uninstall that shopping program.
  • When you need to shop, choose items that are compatible with your existing belongings.

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