What does sapiosexual mean?

Sapiosexuality is the attraction of intelligence. It is the attraction to intelligence rather than physical appearance. In sapiosexuality, words and knowledge are important for emotional connection. It should give the impression that they are talking to an intelligent person. In short, it is the attraction of the brain.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how you dress, what you do for a living. What is important is how you construct sentences, the way you express yourself, the way you describe events. They also pay attention to the way you use grammar. It is important that you use it correctly.

Symptoms of Sapiosexuality

They do not like to be in social patterns, to be categorized. They have an understanding outside the standard. They have full self-confidence. They do not look for information only in what they say. They follow it from the way they say it to their facial expressions. They expect it to be fully reflected even on their facial expression. So they are not impressed by you because you are knowledgeable about something. There should be more than one and you should be confident when you tell them about it.

They are detail oriented as you can understand from the fact that there are so many details. They give importance to details. It has the appearance of a difficult person who likes it hard and does not accept it easily. They like to question and when you think about all these things, it is inevitable that they appear to have a high ego. They are intelligent themselves and do not like gullible people.

They are not easy to like, they choose people and they have good taste. They have taste from sense of humor to clothes. Considering all of these, their search for intelligent people is a little bit for them to be equal to themselves. It should be quite natural for them to look for people close to them in terms of caliber. They are immediately attracted to people like themselves.

They want to stay away from popular topics. They like long, full and pleasant conversations. They prefer to follow the rules according to their own logic rather than following them to the letter. Since they have a perfectionist approach, they strive hard to be the best at what they do.

According to research, the incidence of sapiosexuality between the ages of 18 and 35 is 8%. This is not a small number. Maybe we are not aware of it. If you admire self-confidence, if you like to use your mental functions in the best possible way. This is the answer to the question of what a sapiosexual is.

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