What is Ergophobia?

Ergophobia is the fear of work and of working. Some people feel high anxiety when they have to go to work. Sometimes these anxieties become so high that they want to quit their job. They are aware that their anxiety about work is irrational. Even outside of work, they constantly think about work and get stressed.

People with ergophobia; even if they are unemployed, they feel inadequate in the job options they find and do not want to apply, thinking that they will not succeed. In other words, it is not anxiety against 1 workplace or stress related to it. It is a state of stress against the concept of work in general.

Thinking about it constantly can make a person exhausted. There is a situation of seeing oneself inadequate for all jobs. He/she thinks that he/she cannot do the given job no matter what job he/she takes.

The most important reason for the emergence of this phobia may be past experiences. If there has been a bad experience with work in the past, it may trigger it. If he/she did not experience it himself/herself, he/she may have seen someone else who did. It could also be that he or she has not experienced or seen anything, but has been affected by an event that he or she has heard about from someone else. The person thinks that he/she will face that event in every situation.

How is Ergophobia Treated?

First of all, we recommend seeing a psychologist and getting support. Apart from that, you need to go over it. Determine what that event is or where and when you start to think like that. Whatever it is, go over it and see that it will not happen again.

Trying to go over it is the most effective method. Because when you go to a psychologist, they will probably suggest the same thing. As a result, you will find yourself trying to work on it again. This is the best way to overcome your trauma.

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