What İs Paris Syndrome?

What is Paris syndrome? Most people think of Paris as they see it in the movies they watch. They think of it as a place of beauty, glamor, friendly people and cultural riches. But tourists who visit Paris for the first time find that it is far from what they imagined. This is called the Paris syndrome.

It was first called the syndrome in 1980. It was diagnosed by Hiroaki Ota, a psychiatrist working at Sainte-Anne hospital. In 1991, it was widely publicized in a book called Paris syndrome.

Another psychologist wrote about the reactions he saw in a Japanese tourist. There are different symptoms depending on the person, but the most common are hallucinations, dizziness and sweating. They feel disappointed because it is nothing like the city of their dreams. The fact that it was the same as the average place where they came from was very difficult for them. In 2006, the Japanese embassy even opened a 24-hour hotline for Japanese people suffering from Paris syndrome. From this we understand that Japan is much more beautiful than Paris.

They expected a city like in the movies, where the streets are full of beautiful smells and music. They are confronted with the fact that it is an average city. From this we can understand that too much expectation is bad in any situation.

There is no cure for this disease. The recommendation is to return to your country immediately and never come to Paris again.  It is usually seen in Japanese people. If you are thinking of going, do realistic research.

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